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Cycling Direct becomes Sports OnLine

Sports OnLine is the place to watch sport for free! With all the international news and the best coverage, sit down, relax and watch Sports OnLine.

Sports OnLine is the media and live broadcasting arm of the Lead Sports and Media Group based in the U.K. Our aim is to provide a platform bringing the very best international sports news and a full range of live sporting events.

After many years covering the cycling scene all over the world, it has become the time for Cycling Direct to take the next step in its evolution.

We have joined up with the Lead Sports and Media group from the U.K. and will be rebranded to become the media arm for all the group. 

We will continue to bring you all the best cycling news and furthermore we will now be bringing live events.

In the fullness of time we will also branch out into other popular sports such as Golf, F1 and Ice Hockey, to name just a few,  to add to our solid foundations.

Our new website ( is in development but will be full active very soon!

We will also work very closely with our group partners including  Lead Sports (  Tandem Sports ( and the most exciting the Lead Cycling Tour, coming soon