In the last few weeks we have seen more inconsiderate cyclist behavior than ever before and there is no way we can justify how cyclists are riding in what should be “our safe place”
So the point of this article is to review the first year of the Women’s World Tour.
Mum, can I go to the Olympics? aka South Africa’s 2016 Olympic selection criteria Just recently USA Cycling published their Olympic longlists for selection for men’s and women’s mountain bike and women’s road teams
#Juma – Race or Adventure? Jozi Urban Mountain Bike Adventure 2014
Body Geometry Fit – A good idea? Would I recommend it, most certainly.
To 29 or not to 29? For a long time I have not been a lover of 29" mountain bikes when they are ridden by the smaller, less strong riders and always felt that I would like to wait until a good range of 650b bikes came into SA before I finally made up my mind.
Womens Cycling – Why the UCI needs to do more ! They always say you judge a President by his first 100 days in office. It has been quite a lot more than 100 days since Brian Cookson ousted Pat McQuaid from the UCI Presidents office but can we see a tangible benefit to women’s cycling?
After that storm I started yesterday here is how I am willing to help.
After last week’s Carnival City race I received an email from the mother of one of the Elite Women who was racing. In the email she stated that she was disappointed that we did not give any coverage to the women’s race at that event. After I had thought about this for a while I sent her this...
It has been a great time for South African cyclists at the African Continental Championships in Egypt a couple of weeks ago. Sadly we have to look to the possibility that our time of competing like this in International events may be very limited.


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